Mobile-based Literacy Programme

The project aimed to address the literacy retention issues among the youth population. As a strategy to keep their interest in literacy, the project resorts to the idea that mobile phones are becoming an indispensable means of communication among youth everywhere in the world including Pakistan.

The key idea of the project is to use mobiles as a tool for delivering post-literacy materials to youth literates. Messages containing pedagogically correct, but fun and interesting, topics will be sent to post-literates.

The programme has two parts. In the first, Adolescent girls will receive interesting and informative text messages daily in Urdu and are expected to respond.

The second part of the programme includes evaluation every month to assess literates' gains knowledge, interactive exercises and additional resources.

Mobile Literacy Programme


A Documentary by NHK World Japan


Project Brief Paper

Literacy Promotions through Mobile Phones

The pilot project is concerned particularly with the literacy retention problem among the youth and the problem of keeping them motivated to further consolidate their literacy skills.

There is large potential in promoting literacy through ICT. People, especially youths are in nature motivated to be connected, communicate with and obtain information from others. ICT devices do facilitate them to be literate and get empowered.

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